Interesting Reads

At Crane Rehab Center, we're fortunate to have a staff full of experienced, knowledgable and caring folks who love to share their wealth of information with you. Below are a collection of dispatches from the front lines of therapy.


The Human Balance System

What is balance and what are the contributing factors that affect our balance?

By Grace Blackwelder, PTA, Crane Rehab Center- Adults, River Road



By Megan K. Wiggins, PhD, BCBA-D, LBA, Crane Rehab Center- Pediatrics

Tantrums, meltdowns, outbursts, oh my! If you are a parent or teacher, you know them all too well. So how do we get them to stop? Or better yet, how can we best prevent them from starting next time in the first place.


Physical Therapy is Integral to Recovery after Joint Replacement

By Jayson DeLeaumount, DPT, Crane Rehab Center- Adult

Physical Therapy (PT) is often an integral part of the recovery process for patients that have undergone a joint replacement. 


Why Your baby Should Crawl

By Lydia Tompkins, DPT, Crane Rehab Center, Pediatric

A few years ago, my friends and I started a book club in hopes of expanding our minds and having stimulating conversation. As the years have gone by, and we have gotten married and had babies, the topic has moved away from characters and plot lines, and gone more towards weddings, travels, and babies. While I do not have a baby of my own, I am able to hold my own with the baby conversations because of my experience as a pediatric physical therapist.


Hi, I’m an OT, and I put Chicken Nuggets on my head

By Rebecca Connick, MOT, LOTR, Crane Rehab Center, Pediatric

In my time as a pediatric occupational therapist, I’ve come to learn that fun is everything.  My success rate in getting therapeutic benefit out of an activity is directly correlated to how fun I make it.