Crane Rehab Center OPENS Center for Behavior, Language and Learning to Serve the Needs of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders

Crane Rehab Center is pleased to announce the opening of the Center for Behavior, Language and Learning in April 2019.

The Center for Behavior, Language and Learning will be a 6,000-square foot facility dedicated entirely to the treatment of children with autism spectrum disorders. Young people 2-18 years old will have access to the most comprehensive and compassionate care available in southeast Louisiana at the center, which will be located at 3923 Bienville St. in the heart of New Orleans’ Mid City neighborhood.

The center will specialize in individual and group activities aimed at improving a child’s social, cognitive and physical skills, while the science of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) will allow clients to communicate more effectively. The center will be staffed by experienced BCBAs, speech, occupational and physical therapists who share the goal of helping young people with autism spectrum disorders live more productive and fulfilling lives.

Katie Barlow, the Clinical Director at the Center for Behavior, Language and Learning, said the Center for Disease Control currently estimates that 1 in 59 children in the U.S. has some form of autism. That figure is up 15 percent since 2016 when 1 in 68 children were estimated to have a spectrum disorder, and it’s nearly three times higher than in 2004 when 1 in 166 U.S. children were believed to be living with autism.

Those dramatic increases mean one thing to Barlow -- the Center for Behavior, Language and Learning will meet an absolutely critical need in the New Orleans region.

“The new facility will allow us to do more of the work we’ve been doing so successfully at our pediatric facility on Earhart Boulevard,” said Barlow, who has spent more than six years as a Board Certified Behavior Analyst.

“With the increase in autism diagnoses, waiting lists have increased in clinics everywhere. We’ve talked with parents and we’ve heard their frustrations. There is a tremendous need for more of the types of services we offer, and we estimate we can meet these needs at the Center for Behavior, Language and Learning.”

The center will feature two classrooms in which a dedicated team of BCBAs as well as physical and occupational therapists, will work with children (and sometimes parents.) Classes will be multiple small groups of children, and 15 individual therapy rooms will provide space to reinforce skills taught in those small group settings. A 1,000-square foot sensory gym will have swings, slides, trampolines, ball pits and much more to carefully activate a child’s senses, while fostering healthy peer interaction.

The center will offer immersive, day-long class experiences as part of an early intervention program for children ages 2-6. Speech therapy, occupational therapy and ABA services will highlight that program. There also will be a therapy option for older children, with individualized programs ranging from 10-40 hours per week, based upon a client’s wishes and needs.

“We know that every child is different, so every therapy is different,” Barlow said. “It’s our mission to be certain that each child is getting the personalized care they need to succeed.”

For more information on Crane Rehab and the services to be provided at the Center for Behavior, Language and Learning, contact Katie Barlow, Clinical Director, Crane Rehab Center for Behavior Language and Learning, at (504) 866-6990 or at kbarlow(at)

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