Write from the Start

A Pediatric Handwriting Program


Magic Markers (Recommended for Ages 3-4) & Ready Writers 1 (Recommended for Ages 5-6)

Promotes pre-writing skills (coloring, tracing, & drawing), holding a writing tool correctly, and introduction to formation of upper case letters.

Ready Writers 2 (Recommended for Ages 5-7)

Instruction of lower case manuscript letters and numerals.

Printing Pals (Recommended for Ages 6-8)

Addresses printing fluency including sizing & spacing between letters & words, organization of writing on paper, and writing multiple sentences.

Cursive Crew 1 (Recommended for Ages 8-11) & Cursive Crew 2 (Recommended for Ages 9-12)

Addresses cursive writing fluency including sizing, spacing, and organization of cursive writing on paper.


Write from the Start is a program utilizing a multi-sensory approach to handwriting instruction. It emphasizes hand skill development, pre-writing skills, and functional writing abilities. 

Classes progress from enhancing early developmental perceptual motor skills and fine motor control to writing mechanics and formal handwriting instruction including letter formation, organization on paper, and copying skills. All classes are fun and provide functional opportunities for writing practice to prepare children for writing success. Writing curriculums are designed by pediatric occupational therapists with extensive training in a variety of handwriting curriculums. The low student/teacher ratio provides individual attention and ensures child participation.

***A screening is required for children who have never attended Write from the Start or who have attended over one year ago. The cost of the screening is $60.00, To schedule a screening please contact Rachel Balfantz at rbalfantz@cranerehab.com or (504)866-6990.


Summer 2018 Class Schedule

Session 5: July 30th- August 9th  3-4PM Ready Writers 2, 4-5PM Cursive Crew 2, 5-6PM Printing Pals