Thank you for your interest in Speech-N-Motion Summer Camp 2019 at Crane Rehab Center- Pediatrics!

Camp ages are 3 to 10 years old.

Camp Dates: June 3rd- August 7th (No Classes July 4th).

Camp Times & Costs: Full Day (9am – 2:45pm) $103, AM (9- 11:30AM) $54, PM (12:30 – 2:45pm) $49.

Speech-N-Motion Summer Camp is designed to create a fun and playful environment in which children are motivated to interact and engage with others. Our staff of pediatric specialists, including occupational, speech, physical, art, and music therapists, utilize a theme-based curriculum filled with creative play, art, music, and games.

Children with social-communication, attention, and/or self regulation difficulties can benefit from our summer camp. Our program supports sensory motor needs, language processing delays, and behavioral challenges.

Speech-N-Motion Promotes:

- Listening and following directions

- Communicating and negotiating with peers - Sharing and turn taking

- Adjusting to transitions

*Please Note: A waiver code is required to continue registration. If you need a code before continuing, please obtain a waiver code from your therapist or by contacting Rachel Balfantz at (504) 866-6990 or at